Shan State Bed and Breakfasts

While still new to Myanmar, community-based tourism has incredible potential to provide alternative livelihood options in rural areas while still maintaining the strong value of traditional culture.

The Pa-O Self-Administered Zone in Shan State is an area where community-based tourism can take advantage of the picturesque landscape, unique hill tribe culture, and availability of outdoor activities such as trekking and biking. There, the Parami Development Network and Golden Island Cottages are developing a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) initiative where tourists can experience village life through an over-night stay in a traditional Pa-O house. Many of the B&B services such as meals, treks, operations and housekeeping will all be provided by the local communities.

MIID, funded by GIZ, is providing technical support for the Pa-O initiative in the form of assessments, business planning and the development of operational manuals for the three sites to be piloted during the tourism high season. The focus of MIID’s work will be to identify areas where community members can develop skills for engaging with the B&Bs, to propose a community revenue-sharing model for the business, and to enabled the Pa-O partners to continue the development of their 7 other identified B&B sites.