New MIID project to Improve Market Opportunities for Smallholder Farmers, in the Pa-O Self-Administered Zone

Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development has been awarded funding by the United Kingdom's Department of International development (DfID) to explore, expand and improve existing market opportunities for smallholder farmers in the Pa-O Self-Administered Zone. The project will have a strong emphasis on assisting women and farmers in isolated and impoverished areas.
In 2012 the Pa-O, as the first of Myanmar's many ethnic groups, developed a 5-year Plan that outlines priorities for the economic and social development of their Self-Administered Zone in Southern Shan State. MIID will work with the Pa-O to implement their development priorities, applying its people centred approach to development, working alongside the Pa-O farmers to improve livelihoods.
The project, in partnership with Myanmar Belle Agribusiness Group, will organize farmers into small producer groups that will be trained to improve their agricultural production and marketing opportunities. The formation of the farmer producer groups will enable increased bargaining power and build stronger relationship between farmers and private sector markets. Training through MIID's Farmer Field Schools and guidance via agribusiness advisory services will bring positive changes to agricultural and market practices. The project commenced in September 2017 and runs until 2020.