Chin State Comprehensive Development Plan with Local Social Plan

The Support to the Comprehensive Development Plan for Chin State (CDP) and accompanying Local Social Plan (LSP) documents the current status of development priorities in Chin State and lays out over forty proposals for development projects, covering various sectors, with a total portfolio of $70 million USD. It was prepared through a participatory process, championed by the Chief Minister, which involved a range of local stakeholders including government officials, NGO representatives, members of the Chin National Front, teachers, health workers, business owners, religious leaders and other community members from the state’s nine townships. During the planning process all major sectors of the Chin State economy and social sphere were examined. Workshops were conducted throughout the state in which the people of Chin State and the government could articulate challenges and aspirations for their state.  The plan is the result of a collaboration between the Chin State government and the Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID) with financial support from DANIDA and UNICEF. 

As of 2015, Chin State is the poorest state in the nation. 73% of the Chin population is officially classified as ‘poor’ and 58% of the children are measured as being seriously or moderately stunted.

To address these and other challenges through an integrated approach, the plan recommends significant-levels of resource mobilization for programming in social protection, education, health, agriculture, livestock/fisheries, forestry, small and medium enterprise development, technical vocational education training, infrastructure, responsible tourism, and institutional development.

Please see the links below for the plan documents in both English and Myanmar languages. The Comprehensive Development Plan includes Vol 1, which is the presentation and analysis of Chin State's current opportunities and challenges as well as strategies for development. Volume 2 includes the project proposals that emerged from this participatory anlaysis and prioritization process. The Local Social Plan is similarly formatted into two volumes. The overview document provides a summary of the planning process and final products.